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  • Image Service (Flikr, AstroBin) Integration
  • Import Open Astronomy Log (OAL) Data
  • Groups and Clubs
  • Badges and Achievements

In Progress

  • Import Settings Files from Repository*


  • Import Observing Lists from Repository*
  • Import Observing Lists from Other Users' Shared*
  • Share Data Using Direct Link*
  • Create New Observations*
  • Create New Observing Lists*
  • Statistics: Where are our users?
  • Statistics: What is being observed?
  • Leader Board: Who has the most obsevations?
  • View Observations in SkySafari Web*
  • Create New SkySafari Files*
  • Share Files and Observations to Facebook
  • Download Files and Observing Lists
  • Share Observing Lists to Facebook
  • Export to Open Astronomy Log (OAL)
  • Display FOV Indicators in SkySafari Web*
  • View The Sky This Month Events in SkySafari Web*
  • Edit* SkySafari Files
  • View / Edit* Sessions
  • View / Edit* Equipment
  • View / Edit* Sites
  • View / Edit* FOV Indicators
  • View / Edit* Settings Files

* (asterisk) denotes LiveSky Premium only feature.